Teaching Kids on How to Save

by Gily Tenorio on November 9, 2010

in Saving


I believe what the Bible says about teaching our children on what they need to learn as early as possible. As a parent, you need to teach them the proper values as they grow up. I have only one son and I know that its hard sometimes to teach him because I’m not eager to.

I thanked my wife because she has the patience of teaching our son on proper values he should posses. Recently, my wife and I bought three plastic piggy banks. Our goal is to teach our son to save money even his four years old.

I think this is the best way to teach him how to save. We teach him to save not for his college, but we teach him to save so that he ca have money to buy for the toy he likes. I think it would be eaiser for him to understand why he should save for that reason.

I think it is very early to teach him about investing and other financial stuffs because he will not understand it. However, the good thing is we are starting to teach him the value of saving. We are starting to plant the seeds.

Saving is the first step to be financially fit so we are teaching him the first lesson in his financial journey. As a child, he does not know how money works or how it earned. By gradual teaching and making illustrations, he can understand little by little how money should be earned and spent.

In our present generation, we are bombarded by lots of TV commercials and multi media tempting us to spend our money even if we do not need those stuffs. It is the reason why savers are decreasing and spenders are increasing exponentially. If we do not stop this scenario, we will be in big trouble. It’s time to wake up and start to save. It’s time to teach your kids the importance of saving now not when they are old. In saving, time is also very important.

On teaching kids to save, you should motivate them why they need to do it. Tell them to save so they can buy their favorite toys or eat the food they like. If you are giving them allowance for their school, tell them to save at least 10% of their money. Its hard at first but it will pay off later.

Buy them piggy banks or apply a bank savings account for them so they will see their money growing. Help them to save money by empowering them. Lastly, set a good example for them. If you are teaching them to save, you should also be a saver!

You know saving is not an easy thing to do even adult people find it hard to do so. However, if your child learned to save at an early stage it will be part of their life as they grow old. The bible teach us to save so that when hard times come we have money that we can use. It is very basic but many people forget about it.

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