The Best Investment for Your P10,000


Perhaps, you are thinking where to invest your P10,000 which I assume you received from your company as a Christmas bonus or just an additional money from your savings. Investing, these days, is not only for the rich people.

Investing is also for simple person just like you and me. When you invest your money, you are expecting a good return or profit in the future. However, many people don’t understand that investing involves risk and disadvantages and one good way to reduce the risk is by investing in things manage by professional investors through mutual funds.

So going back to the question, what is the best investment for your P10,000, I would say, it is mutual funds. I’m a big fan of mutual funds because it is really intended for common people like you and me who cannot invest big amount of money and those people with little or no knowledge about the investing world.

best investment for P10000

Nowadays, it is not difficult to open a mutual fund account. You can open a new one by sending your application form and requirements directly to the office of mutual fund company you’re interested. You can even call them to learn what’s the process.

If you’re in Manila or nearby cities, I would recommend that you go personally to the office of the mutual fund company so you can learn more about their mutual funds. The procedure and duration of application is not complicated. However, if you are doing this method, you need to know first the requirements before visiting their office.

Actually, even as low as P5,000, you can open a mutual fund but it would be better if you can have a higher amount so you can buy more shares. You can see some of the mutual funds here.

The best investment for your P10,000 would be mutual funds because you don’t need to study complicated things and techniques like stock investing. It is just like opening a savings account and you will wait until your money makes more money from the increase in price of the share you bought.

If you want to learn more about mutual funds, I have published several articles before about how to start. You can see some of the post in this link. Do you have questions about mutual funds? Let me know and I will answer to the best of my knowledge.

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    I just want to ask how do you view your FAMI account. I have opened a SALEF but I am having a hard time viewing my account to monitor it.

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