The Value of Hard Work

by Gily Tenorio on April 28, 2013

in Personal Development


Very often we can hear some people say that a certain thing is very hard to do even though it is not. On the other hand, some tasks are really hard, but some people continue to work for it. This kind of people set them apart from the rest. They know the value of hard work.

Laziness and procrastination are the enemies of hard work. Nowadays, many people don’t want anymore to “work hard”. They want “easier” life and job leading them to a life of average existence.

I assume you heard many stories of hard working people who made a change in their life and the people around them. You can follow their examples and the way they handle difficult things.

I don’t know your family background. I think it is one factor that impacts the way you think about the value of hard work. So why it is so important?


1. Hard Work is the Foundation to Success

Look at successful people, do you think they got their achievements overnight? Of course not, they went through many hardships and painful trainings before they reach their success.

Many great businesses today is the product of hard work. The founders of these businesses relentlessly offer their strength, wisdom and time to be able to achieve success in their endeavors.

hard work

2. Hard Work Makes You Strong

Strong people don’t easily give up. They are also hard-working individuals who always find ways to make things better and helpful for other people.

If you continue to work hard, there are many valuable life lessons that you could learn along the way. If you will not put hard work on those things, you may not experience how these lessons can make you a stronger person.


3. Hard Work Improves the Quality of Your Life

We want to live life to the fullest, right? You and I want to have a better and more fulfilling life. We live on this world not to merely exist but to live a life in the fullest.

Hard work plays an important role if you want to have an abundant and full life. Giving up early is not an option for people who value hard work.


4. Hard Work Makes You Wiser

If you’re a student, you know that this is true. How can you pass an exam if you will not study or make an extra effort to learn the lessons for your exam?

Hard work is a key ingredient for every student to be able to pass an exam and graduate from their school. Without it, you may be kicked out, dropped out or just playing around.


5. Hard Work Makes You Financially Stable

Sound financial values and hard work go a long way. Even the Bible tells us that diligent hands bring wealth but lazy hands make a man poor according to Proverbs 10:4.

If you value hard work, you’ll be more responsible with your finances and the money in your bank account. Some people who receive easy money from their relatives or through gambling, will be more prone to waste what they have because they didn’t put much work and effort to earn those pesos.


Final Thoughts

When I worked here in South Korea, I noticed that Korean people is one of the most hard working people in the world. I feel like I’m too lazy here though I work overtime most of the time during my first two years in my current company.

During my stay here, I fully realized why South Korea became a rich country for a short period of time. They value hard work in almost all areas of their life.

I wish, we Filipinos can emulate what they have done in their country and value hard work in every areas of our life. It is not difficult to do, just we need the desire and determination.


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