This Blog is Not All About Money

by Gily Tenorio on July 1, 2012

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If you are a regular visitor of this blog for quite sometime, you may have noticed that most of the articles being published in this blog are related to money and personal finance. It is the reason why the title of this blog is “Financial Management Blog”. It is very obvious that I am tackling articles related to money and finance in general.

However, this blog is not all about money. Occasionally, I’m writing topics not related to money like my personal experience in going to places I have not been before, review of stuffs and gadgets I bought that might be useful to readers, topics related to OFW (since I’m OFW), articles about blogging, bible and money and many more about lifestyle.

About Personal Experience

Sometimes, when I find the place nice and worth sharing to the readers, I’m making post about the place I have visited to give some information and make reviews about the facilities or things that you can do in that place.

This kind of post is very rare since I want to limit my post to money-related topics. Anyhow, you can see some posts not related to personal finance in this blog so don’t be surprised.

I am also publishing articles related to the stuffs or services I have bought recently. For example last time, I made an article when I purchased my Seagate 500 GB external hard disk.

In the future, I’ll give more details about the product, its price and features that could be valuable to the customers like you. It is like a review on the product that I have bought.

OFW-related Topics

Since I’m an OFW, occasionally, I’m writing articles related to the welfare of OFW and their family. It is my means to help them in my own way; blogging topics specifically meant for them.

not all about money

Anyhow, most of the topics about OFW are also related to money matters so you can also learn and relate. The common topics that I’m writing is about how to save, ways on how to invest, tips on increasing income, and work-related topics.

Bible and Money

There are many information and wisdom about money and finance that you can get from the Bible. Sad thing, only few people are reading it even though many Filipinos call themselves as “Christian”.

It is the reason sometimes I’m blogging topics related to Bible and money matters. I admit that I have limited knowledge about personal finance, and one source of knowledge that I have about money is coming from the Bible so don’t be surprised that I’m writing topics about Bible and money. If you want to know why I’m doing this, you can see my reasons here.

Current Events

Very rare that I’m writing about current events but I’m publishing a few of it when I find it really interesting and many readers could benefit. For example, long time ago when this blog is still few months old, I made a post about the Presidential election of 2010 where I posted the candidates and the votes they got.

As much as possible, I’m also blogging current events related to finance, economy or events that are related to money matters like the post that I published before about the Money & Summit Expo this coming July 21-22, 2012.


I have been blogging for more than 2 years as of this writing and I could say I have learned many things along the way. In order to share what I have learned, I am making some post about blogging lessons that I have learned. It also gives me a record so I can go back to it in the future for reference.

I am continuously learning the world of blogging and it is one of the interesting stuffs that I’m doing right now, at the same time earning some amount of money. There are many ups and downs in blogging but it is enjoyable because you learn along the way and you can help other people at the same time.

Final Word

This blog is not all about money. There are many things that can be covered here but I assure you that it will be beneficial to you as readers and visitors of this blog. Thank you for continuous following!

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