Tips on On Enrolling to PNB Internet Banking


Philippine National Bank (PNB) is the oldest bank in the Philippines. In the past, it is owned by the Philippine government but as the time goes by, it became a private bank. Just like any other banks in the country, PNB provides various products and services for its customers such as checking account, savings account, credit cards, loans and Internet banking to name a few.

Overview and Benefits of PNB Internet Banking

PNB Internet banking will allow all account owner to monitor their account balances over the Internet. It is great convenience when you can check your balance without going to the bank or ATM. By having an online banking, you can also pay bills by logging in to you account. However, before you can pay bills, you must register the bills in your account.

If you find it difficult to transfer money to other bank accounts because you need to go to the bank, not anymore with PNB Internet banking. It will allow you to move money from one account to another without going to ATM or bank. As long as you have Internet connection in your office or home, banking transaction is always possible and easy.

In addition, if you want an online statement that you can get easily, you can request to receive it in electronic form through online statement directly sent to your email or you can retrieve it by logging in to your online account.

How to Apply for PNB Internet Banking

Basically, there are two ways in which how you can apply for this kind of service: through online registration or by visiting the branch where your account is located. If you are going to register via the Internet, you need the following stuffs to specify which type of account do you want to enroll: account for Phone banking, ATM account and non-ATM account.

In order to apply for PNB Internet banking, first you should have a savings or checking account. If in case you doesn’t have yet an account, it will be advisable to apply for the online banking as you open a new bank account. I think it will be helpful for you and the bank if you can do it at the same time.

If you want to enroll your PNB bank account through online registration, you may visit this link to learn more.

Basically, you doesn’t need to present other documents because the bank already has some of your requirements like ID and proof of billing. You only need to fill out some application forms and then submit it to bank officer who will process and complete your application.