Top Three Poorest Persons in the Philippines

by Gily Tenorio on March 13, 2012

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Recently, I was able to read some articles about the richest persons in the Philippines for 2012. The survey is released each year by Forbes magazine. Several Philippines blogs that I’m following are also posting this kind of topic because many people are curious and want to know who made it to the top. Actually, I also made a post about it in the past. Maybe I will also make another post in the future to keep you and me updated on that topic.

However, for this time, I want to write on the opposite topic. I want to make an article about the poorest persons in the Philippines in our present time. The list is not arranged based on the their level of poverty. Here it goes.

1. Mr. Juan Tamad

I would say many of us know Juan Tamad from our childhood days until now. He is the classic example of the poorest person in the Philippines. Why he’s poor? You know the answer. Being poor is not a sin because you cannot choose which family you would be born but being lazy is.

Laziness is one reason why many people are still in poverty. Most of them don’t want to work, they just rely on dole out of their parents, siblings and even the government. Laziness can be changed through right mindset and discipline.

I grew up from a poor family. I thanked my parents for providing me and my other sibling’s needs. They worked hard so we can go to school even they didn’t finish college. They are not lazy parents, they find ways on how to earn money in legal and fair ways.

I remembered when I was in first or second year high school, my father and I sold some curtains and garments for houses so that we can have extra money for our every day’s needs. It is one of my trainings that taught me the value of hard work and patience.

I know it is hard to get a job in the Philippines because of too much competition and low job creation of the private and government sector but it should not be a reason of not looking for ways on how to make money in legal ways. Don’t expect a high-paying job if you didn’t finish college. Get a job and work hard, it is one step in eliminating poverty.

2. Asiong Aksaya

Asiong Aksaya is a comic character famous for wasting of energy, water, gasoline and other energy sources. He was created by the famous comic creator Larry Alcala to promote awareness of energy saving.

Mr. Asiong Aksaya also belongs to the list of poorest persons in the Philippines. He is not lazy like Mr. Juan Tamad. Actually, he has been working for more than ten years in his present company.

Though he has been working for many years, Asiong doesn’t have any savings or properties of his own. He is still living in his parent’s old house together with his family.

Maybe you’re wondering why is he still living in that way? One good reason why Asiong is still in poverty is his spend-it-all habit after getting his salary. He doesn’t mind where he money goes as long as he is satisfied with what he buys.

Many people these days are like Asiong who thinks that resources and income they get from jobs will never end. He doesn’t know how to be frugal in some ways, all he wants is to spend and use all of his money in unproductive things. Most of his income just go to “waste” stuffs.

3. Sakana Lang

Ms. Sakana Lang has an attitude to delay all things that she wants to pursue. She doesn’t mind whether she can have the time to do things tomorrow or in the future.

She is also impatient for her work and easily get irritated and lose concentration whenever there’s a problem arising. Her favorite motto is “I will do it later.” Because of this attitude, Ms. Lang didn’t get a job since she always reason out that she can have it tomorrow or maybe next month until all job opportunities were gone.

Probably, in our present time, there are many persons that resemble Juan Tamad, Asiong Aksaya and Sakana Lang. I don’t know your situation right now and I don’t know if you are like the persons mentioned above. Somehow, maybe, we are like them.

It is your choice and responsibility to be or not to be like them. You don’t have to blame other people for what are you now. It is your life and decision after all why you are in your current situation.


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Suzzy_sosy March 17, 2012 at 10:35

Absolutely true… I am just like Asiong Aksaya… hope that from now on I ‘ll get to know how to save for my future..Thank you.


noel March 16, 2012 at 06:47

hi Gil,

just like to thank u for this wonderful blog u made. it really give important and useful information regarding on how to manage our finances. This is great for us as OFWs. So wish u d best and pray for ur success. Godbless u more!

Can i ask u personal question, what religious affiliation u are with?

Noel R.


learnfe March 16, 2012 at 13:50

Hi Noel,
Thanks for the visit, I a born-again christian.


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