Types of PhilHealth Membership

by Gily Tenorio on August 9, 2011

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PhilHealth or Philippine Health Insurance Corporation is the Philippine government agency that provides health care financing for all of its members. It is a government-owned and controlled corporation with funding that comes from the national and local government units for the annual premium of enrolled sponsored members and contribution of members into program.

There are several types of members of PhilHealth: Overseas Workers (OFW), Employed, Individually Paying, Sponsored and Lifetime.

1. The Overseas Workers Program or OWP is a regular membership category of PhilHealth. It covers all land-based overseas Filipino workers whose jobs are covered with defined job contracts in a overseas-based employers. All legal and documented OFW shall have PhilHealth before they can leave the Philippines to work abroad. In addition, OFW should pay their contribution every year as long as they are working overseas.

2. Employed members of PhilHealth covers all employees of government and private sector. All household helpers and sea-based OFW belongs to this category. Under this type of membership, monthly contributions are shares by the employee and the employer and are payed to PhilHealth by the employer through accredited payment centers nationwide.

For inpatient coverage, PhilHealth provides subsidy for room and board, drugs and medicines, laboratories, operating room and professional fees for confinements of not less than 24 hours. You can see the in this link the maximum allowance for inpatient coverage.

For outpatient employed members, PhilHealth provides day surgeries, dialysis and cancer treatment procedures such as chemotheraphy and radiotheraphy in accredited hospitals and free-standing clinics.

Some of the special benefit package for employed members are coverage for up to the fourth normal delivery, newborn care package, TB treatment through DOTS, SARS and Avian influenza package and Influenza A (H1N1) package.

3. Individually Paying

Some PhilHealth members don’t have job from an employer. It was established in 1999 and is open to self-practicing professionals, freelance writers and photographers, artists, employees of religious and civic organizations and Philippine-based international organizations.

This type of membership is also for self-employed individuals, farmers and fisher folks, and even daily wage earners such as vendors and transport drivers and operators.

The monthly contribution is voluntarily paid by the employer at any accredited payments centers on a quarterly, semi-annual or annual basis.

The health benefits that can be received by individually paying members are the same with those given to employed members of PhilHealth.

4. Sponsored Members

This type of members provides health insurance coverage to poor families through a partnership where health insurance premiums for a year’s coverage are paid in behalf of deserving members.

The annual premiums of members are jointly shouldered by the national government of the Philippines through PhilHealth and sponsors such as local governments, private individuals with philanthropic hearts and private corporations whose thrusts include poverty alleviation as an agenda in their corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs. Members of Congress also join the program as sponsors through their Priority Development Assistance Fund or PDAF.

5. Lifetime Members

Lifetime members of PhilHealth are those members who had reached the age of retirement and have paid at least 120 months premium to the program and are granted lifetime coverage. As Lifetime members, they are also entitled to the complete benefits together with their qualified beneficiaries.

These are the five types of PhilHealth members depending on their status of employment. If you notice, even you don’t have a job you can apply for PhilHealth and get the benefits it provide to its members.

Source: http://www.philhealth.gov.ph

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