What is the Safest Investment

by Gily Tenorio on July 21, 2012

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Occasionally, I’m writing articles related to Bible and money because the knowledge of this world is not sufficient to understand the whole concept of the topics we are concerned with like finance, job, work, doing business and more. You can find more reasons here why I’m writing this kind of topic. Thanks!

Do you have any idea which is the safest investment out there? Actually, it is also one of the things I’m thinking about lately.

Maybe you know that investing involves “risk” of losing the money you have invested and there’s no guarantee that you will earn a profit when you invest. However, you can reduce the risk by carefully studying and learning how to properly invest your money.

The safest investment is the one that will always have a guarantee of earning a profit without losing any money you have invested. Maybe you’re asking is there really such a kind of investment?

In our present time, perhaps many people will tell you that time deposit is the safest investment since the principal amount you have invested is insured by the government and the profit is guaranteed after the term period.

safest investment

If we carefully study, time deposit is really a safe investment since it is insured and you will earn a profit when you completed the investing period. But I realized that the safest investment is not here in this world. According to the passage below from the Bible,

” Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moth and rust destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where moth and rust do not destroy, and where thieves do not break in and steal.” - Mathew 6: 19-20 (NIV)

In my opinion about this verse, storing up treasures only in this world is not a good idea and not the safest investment you could ever have because anytime it can be gone or you will be gone in this world without enjoying the treasures you are storing up. I’m convinced that deciding storing up treasures in heaven is the safest investment because you will enjoy the profit beyond this life and there’s no risk at all!

In addition, the passage doesn’t suggests not to save money and invest. In my understanding, it just tells us that it is better to choose storing up treasures in heaven than in this world. But the question is, “How could you store treasures in heaven?”.

I think there are many ways to do these. As a Christian, you should learn how to give to your church, to the needy people or relatives without tolerating their laziness, supporting a charity, and many more. I wish you will consider this one may not be now but in the future.

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