Where to Invest your Bonus? Here’s Some Ways

by Gily Tenorio on November 24, 2016

in Personal Finance


Every year, I’m writing post regarding where you can invest your Christmas bonus and 13th month pay. Some people maybe wondering how can they spend their extra money and they don’t have no idea where to put it.

Small or big amount of bonus can be used to a more meaningful way on how to spend your money. I would like to give you some suggestions on where you can invest it.

Are you ready?

Here are some of the things that you can do with your bonus. This list is not in the order of importance.

Learn New Skills

Upgrading your skills is one good way to increase your marketability and chance of getting a new job. For example, as a design engineer, I frequently use CAD.

That’s why I’m thinking to take a short course for AutoCAD 2016 2D & 3D during our 2-month stay in the Philippines before going to Australia. In this way, my drafting skill will be enhanced and it will add new knowledge in my CAD ability.

Moreover, I’m planning also to learn Adobe Photoshop so that I can modify and edit pictures that I can use here in this blog and the other websites that I have. If I can learn picture editing, it will greatly help a lot in my online works.

My suggestion for you is to think what skills you need to develop and improve. If you are in the sales and marketing career, perhaps, you can attend seminars on how to influence people or improving your public speaking skills.

The important here is to focus first on what you are doing regularly in your company and then enhance that skills so that you will be more effective in doing that job.

Buy New Gadget

Buying a new gadget can be tricky because of so many choices to select from. A new gadget can be a good investment if you will use it to improve your skills. For example, if you’re a professional blogger/writer, a good laptop computer with faster speed and memory can help you write better and save you some time.

In addition, a good DSLR camera is a good investment for people wanting to start a digital photography shop. Not all gadgets are waste of money, you need only to separate your desire from what you actually need. It is a matter of wants and needs.

Trip to Your Dream Vacation

A dream tour can be very expensive especially if you are going to other country. Within the Philippines, the airplane ticket can be cheaper since there are promo tickets being sold regularly by Cebu Pacific and Air Asia.

My suggestion is to focus first on the places in the Philippines where you have not visited yet. There are many beautiful and awesome tourist spots that you can choose from. You only need to do little research of the places.

Moreover, you must also booked a promo ticket so that you can save some money on air flight. Take note that you cannot refund tickets you bought when it is sold during promo.

If you are sure enough that you can travel during those days, it is better to buy ticket at least 3 months ahead so that it will be cheaper than those purchased one month of your departure date. Learn how to buy ticket online.

Regarding hotel accommodation, you may try to book using AirBnB or Agoda. If you want to stay in a house where you can cook food and wash your clothes, AirBnB is the best choice in my opinion. Normally, you can stay longer period in AirBnB accomodation but not that expensive compared with hotels.

For shorter stay, say one day or more, I use Agoda for booking hotel. It has many features and options like Free Cancellation and the Pay before Date. However, room price is higher than those without the cancellation option.

Donation to Charity

Giving money to charity may not be on your list of investment. However, I firmly believe that the best investment you can do is investment in heaven while you are here on earth. There’s no losing of money when you invest with a pure heart of helping people in need, though you don’t know them.

There are many charities and organizations that you can donate. One of my favorite organizations is World Vision which I started donating in 2014. I have started sponsoring one child in Batangas.

Every month, I am giving P600 to support my sponsored child for his study needs and overall welfare. It is automatically deducted from my PayPal account so I don’t need to transfer money or go to payment center.

I started giving to World Vision in December 2014 so it will be my 2 years now of sponsoring a child. If you don’t like the idea of regular giving, you can still give a one-time donation to World Vision. You can check their website here to learn more on how you can donate.

Invest in Stocks

Stock is a share of ownership of a particular company. All of the famous companies in the Philippines and around the world have stocks that private person like you can buy.

As an example, for simplicity, you can buy stocks of Jollibee. How to do it?

First, you must open a stock online account. The popular one in the Philippines are COL Financial, BPI Trade, First Metro Securities and Philstocks.


Second, you should add money to your stock account by depositing money into it. It is like depositing money in a bank account, no much different.

Third, once you have enough money in your account, you can start buying shares of Jollibee. It is not difficult. Perhaps, the hardest part here is funding your account with money!

You can visit COL Financial website here to learn more about how can you open an account. They have also free seminars and information that you can read so that you will gain better understanding how stocks work.

Have you received your bonus lately or will receiving it soon? Do you know other ways where you can invest your money?

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