Why I Have Decided to Stay


Last month, I’m struggling with the question: Should I stay or leave? This question is all about my current job.

Maybe some of you know that I’m working here in South Korea as an OFW. One blessing and privilege that I got from my current company is to be able to get my family and live here together with me.

Our family is living together here in Korea since 2008 but in some occasions, my wife and son need to stay in the Philippines for couple of reasons. Compared with other OFW working abroad, I assumed I have better benefits and privileges.

However, despite of the benefits and privileges, there will come a time that you need to decide whether to stay or leave. Korea is a good and safe place and majority of the people are nice and friendly based on my experience.

Right now, I’m only a contractual employee. My job is based on a one-year contract with my current company. It is the reason why I need to look for other income or other opportunities. I’m not sure whether I will get another contract again when it ends and it depends on many factors.

That’s a short background on my current status. I think I need to give some reasons why I have decided to stay more here in Korea and not quit my job last month. Actually, I had almost quit because of low salary increase given to me but I negotiated to make it more fair and sensible.

So why I have decided to stay? Here are some of the reasons I want to share with you.

1. I will be jobless

If I will leave, I have no other job to take. It is the main reason I have decided to stay even it is very hard.

I think it will be better for me to leave when I have other job to transfer. However, I was so lazy before to apply for other jobs. This year I will be more aggressive in my job application and hunting for new opportunities elsewhere.

I do not think anymore of myself now. Since I have a family (we’re now 4), I should be more practical and careful with my decisions.

Maybe if I’m still single, it will be very easy for me to quit. However, it is not the case so I need to stay for my family.

2. To prepare for the future

If I will stay more, I can receive higher severance allowance (back pay) from the company and I will have a better chance to save money. If I will leave, money will keep flowing out until I get a job.

Another year of experience will be also added to my career if I will stay. There are many things that will happen in one year and I’m looking forward what God is preparing for me and my family.

Having a job will give you better footing when hunting for a new job than if you have no job at all. You can still have regular income as you look for other jobs.

3. God wants us to stay

There are many difficult decisions and situations that you will encounter along the way. When making hard choices, I’m trying to apply what I have learned: choose the thing that will give God the most glory.

As a Christian, most of the time it is hard to make choices. Will I do it or not? Should I go there or not? Should I do this or not? These are just some of the questions giving me hard time. So to make it easier for me to decide, I just use the the filter of which choice will glorify God the most.

In my belief, staying in Korea and my current company will give God the most glory so I stayed. I don’t know what will happen next year or even while staying here in Korea, I do know God is in control and He cares always even the simplest things in my life.


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About the Author:

GilGil Tenorio is a blogger, a husband, a father, and an active Christian. He likes playing guitar, C.S. Lewis, Plants and Zombies and NBA. Follow him at Facebook, Google+, YouTube and Twitter. Thanks!


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