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by Gily Tenorio on January 25, 2012

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I have been blogging for almost two years now and I would say it is one of the greatest decisions and achievements I have made so far in my life. It gives me a way to discover my passion and make some extra income from it. Blogging is not easy and also not difficult to do. Some people would ask which blogging platform to select for building a good blog.

If you are considering to blog your passion or the things that interest you the most, I would recommend to start it now. It will give you more fulfillment and gives you the chance to help other people through the experiences you encountered.

As a newbie blogger, some people find it hard to choose how to start and what things to consider before starting their blogging adventure. In my experience, I could say that the first important thing to consider before making your blog is to select the best blogging platform or software that you should use.

In my opinion, WordPress is the best blogging platform that you can choose today. It is used by millions of blogs operating online today. I have several blogs that I’m building so far that use WordPress as the platform because of several reasons that I find very useful and beneficial not only for me but also for the readers and users of the blogs that I made.

To give you some benefits and advantages of WordPress than any other blogging platform like Blogger and TypePad, I listed below some of its benefits to give you the ideas why you should use it for making and building your own blog.

1. WordPress is Easy to Set Up

One of the great benefits of choosing WordPress as a blogging platform than any other platforms is the ease of setting up when first starting the blog or website your building. Perhaps you already know that in order to make a blog, you should have first a domain name and web hosting. If you already don’t have these things, you can get the cheapest domain and hosting package here.

Before buying your own domain name and hosting plan, you should choose a name that is related to your blog and topic. As much as possible, it should be short, easy to remember and contains no special symbols and characters. Just check out this post to help you how to make a domain name and select the right web hosting: Tips on Buying a Domain Name and Web Hosting. If you choose JustHost as your web hosting, you can get a free domain forever as long as you stay your hosting with them.

After buying your domain and hosting, you can begin setting it up in WordPress blogging platform. You can see the tutorial video here to help you understand more how to start from scratch. You will find that it is easy to set up without requiring technical knowledge in computer. It is one reason why I like Worpress because you don’t need to be a tech savvy or computer programmer to be able to use it.

2. It has Many Plug ins

WordPress is created for users without thorough knowledge on website and blog creation. Actually, even without computer programming training, you can build a blog without difficulty using its platform. There are many plug ins that you can use to arrange and set up your blog that you cannot do with other platforms. I think it is one of the best features of WordPress since it really helps a lot for newbie blogger.

WordPress Plug ins are special applications that you can put in your blog without creating HTML or computer programs. To be able to use these plug ins, you need to download it to your WordPress account and then activate it. Most of the time you should edit some setting of the plug ins to be able to conform to what you want.


The most common WordPress Plug ins I’m using to all of my blogs are Google XML Sitemaps, All-in-One SEO Pack, Dagon Design Sitemap Generator, Disqus Comment System, Dynamic To Top, Online Backup for WordPress, Quick Adsense, Yet Another Related Posts Plugin, Broken Link Checker, Shareaholic, and Contact Form 7. In the future, I’ll be discussing these plug ins more deeply and more detail.

3. WordPress is SEO Friendly

Search engine optimization or SEO is very important for building blogs and websites because through it you can get a constant and increasing traffic for your blog. Without SEO, your blog will not grow and get visitors from search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

If you use WordPress, your SEO efforts will be easier because it was made by developers to be SEO-friendly. There are lots of plug ins you can install to your WordPress blog to help you to make your search engine optimization campaigns will be better and more effective. One plug ins that I’m using for optimization is the All-in-One SEO Pack by Michael Torbert.

Another one feature of WordPress why it is SEO- friendly is the permalink. It is the link that you are seeing in the URL address whenever you visit a blog post or article. By making the permalink and title of the blog post the same, search engines give more favor to rank that post than other posts with dissimilar title and links.

4. It can be monetized easily

Monetization is one part of building a successful blog you don’t like to earn money from your blog. Some blogs exist because it is for non-profit or for hobby only by the blogger. If you’re blog is set up in WordPress, monetization is very easy to carry out because there are many plug ins that you can use to do this.

The most common plug ins for monetization for blogs are the ones that is used for Google Adsense, Infolinks, Chitika, Amazon Affiliates, ClickBank and many more. I’m using Quick Adsense to monetize this blog and the other blogs I’m building. By using WordPress, monetization is not a problem and it is very easy to place it in your blog.

5. WordPress is easy to use for blogging

Making a post using WordPress is simple and convenient to do because the platform can be easily learned by even a newbie. The overall look and appearance of writing section is clean and not complicated to be learned by a new blogger. Unlike other blogging platforms, WordPress is constantly revise and updated by many contributors and programmers to suit the changing needs of bloggers like you and me.

As a final remarks, I would like you to make the right decision in selecting the best blogging platform in the world because once you started with other platforms, it will be difficult again to study another one. Thus, it is very advisable to start off with WordPress if you want to be serious in blogging in the long run.



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Mr Gil, thank you very much for your helpful advise. I was able to create my own website domain (http://www.ofwnurse.net/) May GOD bless you more.. =)


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Hi Danecca,

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