You will Reap What you Sowed

by Gily Tenorio on July 25, 2011

in Personal Finance


I really like the idea of sowing and reaping. It is a simple idea many people don’t pay much attention. Actually, it is obvious that the terms are used in farming. If you plant now, you will harvest later. On the opposite, if you don’t plant anything, you will not harvest anything. It is easy to understand the concept of sowing and reaping that you can apply it in your own personal life.

When I was a kid during my elementary days, I had much fun during gardening time. Our school has a small garden where we can plant various kinds of vegetables that we can harvest after two to three months. It is the harvesting time that I enjoyed more since it is hard to plant vegetables at the beginning.

Before planting, you must remove all the grasses and weeds, dig and till the soil until it become soft and fine and arrange the plot where will you place the seeds. After that, every day you should water the garden so the soil will be moist and not become hard. In this way, the seed will grow faster. Moreover, in some instances, a fertilizer is also needed so the vegetable will grow quicker and healthier.

As the time goes by, there are weeds that will grow together with your vegetables so you must again remove it up to the root level so it will not grow again.

You can apply the concept of sowing and reaping on relationships to other people, finance, education and social life. But I want to focus more on finance since it is related to this blog after all.
In sowing, you plant seeds and then you will take care of it so it will grow. It is so much the same when we talk about sowing and reaping in financial scenario. The seeds will be your money and you need to take care of it so it will grow and produce more. If you want to harvest money later, you should sow it right now.

Basically, there are many ways on how we can sow using our money. Let’s look one example. You can sow money by buying “stuffs” like appliances, gadgets and other personal things. On the other hand, you can sow it by investing your money in time deposit, business, stocks, UITF or mutual funds.

The first one will reap a short-term satisfaction without harvesting any money in the future while the second one will reap a long-term peace of mind with monetary gains in the years to come. Similar to farming, you should also take care of the money you sowed by putting it in a safer investments not in get-rick-quick schemes.

It is not complicated to understand: you sow money, protect and take care of it and then you will reap a harvest in the future. When you sow your money on stuffs, obviously no reaping will take place because the money was not allowed to grow, it died immediately.

Finally, if you want to reap a harvest in the future, you should start sowing today. Don’t procrastinate, start small and it will be big in the days to come.

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Norman L. Ocampo November 13, 2011 at 17:31

i am not ashamed to tell the story that even though i am old enough is NAGLALAGAY PA RIN AKO NG PERA SA ALKANSIYA KO


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