How to Open a BPI Trade Stock Account

by Gily Tenorio on November 30, 2011

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Stock trading that includes buying and selling of stocks requires an investor to have a stock trading account. These days, there are many online stock broker companies that were established in the Philippines to cater for the needs of investors. BPI Trade is one of those popular online stock brokers in the Philippines. It is a subsidiary company of BPI bank and you will be confident to have an account with them because it is backed by one of the strongest banks in the country.

Features of BPI Trade

First of all, I would like you to give some information that might be helpful for you on deciding whether it is a good decision to open an account in them. I do not have an account with BPI Trade but I’m planning to have one in the future.

Right now, I only have a CitisecOnline stock account that I opened two years ago. One of my friends has BPI Trade and he applied for it when he’s in South Korea. I think that time he just complete all application forms that can be downloaded from their website and then he send it via registered mail together with other requirements.

Therefore, even his in abroad he was able to open a stock trading account and funded it through his BPI Express Online (EOL). He just transferred money from his EOL to BPI Trade through Internet banking. So it is important to apply for BPI EOL account so you can also get other products and services of BPI without the hassle of going personally to your branch.

He just send emails to BPI Trade whenever he had questions and good thing is they reply quickly so everything was set to completion.

Actually, the features and benefits of BPI Trade could be found in their website, I look it last time and I could say that their platform is very simple to navigate. There are few tabs and buttons so you will not be lost or confuse where to go.

It has online tour so you can see what the platform looks like and how to control the tabs and menu. Here’s the list of features of BPI Trade so you can have an idea how it works.

1. You can access live stock market data from the Philippines Stock Exchange (PSE) during trading hours (9:30am-1pm).

2. You will have the access to latest stock reports by BPI Trade and other valuable information about the current condition of the economy.

3. Buy and sell stocks online by entering your order through its platform.

4. You can view your transaction history, portfolio, the available cash balance in you account, the stocks and number of shares you own and a lot more.

5. Account owner can also receive monthly statement of account at the end of each month.

6. If you want to order during off-trading hours, you may do it between 1 PM and 8 PM of the current trading day by sending orders from your account.

7. Transaction is secured since you will be given a unique user ID and password that you alone knows. There is also a secure 128-bit SSL encryption of Internet connection before you log in to your account.

For more information about the features and benefits of BPI Trade, you may visit their site.


How to Open an Account at BPI Trade

Basically, it is easy to open an account at BPI Trade. The best and fastest way to apply for account is through online application. If you want to apply for an account, you should visit their application page by clicking this link.

In their FAQ page, you will learn many important things about BPI Trade and maybe all of your questions will be answered once you visit that page. You can go there by clicking here. Enjoy reading and browsing. Hope this post helps you to open an account at BPI Trade.

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