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Are you having trouble regarding with your financial condition? Do you owe a lot of debt? Maybe you don’t have enough savings? Or perhaps you’d like to invest your money so that it will give you more profit but you don’t know how and where to invest it?

In this site, you can learn many helpful articles related on personal finance, banking, investing, saving, budgeting, loans, make money online and financial literacy. Please visit this site regularly and read articles in just 10 minutes a day and you will learn enough information on the topics of personal finance and financial management.

Why do You Need to Learn Financial Education?

Maybe you’re thinking why do you need to learn financial education. My quick answer is this: you can’t predict what will happen to you tomorrow, next week, next month or the years to come. No one knows how long will you have a job.

It is the reason why you need to learn financial education and management as early as possible. You should learn it in order to take care of your finances so that you will be financially secured when difficult times come.

Topics Covered in this Blog

This blog mission is to give free information and tips on financial education in the Philippine setting. Though, sometimes, I’m writing topics not related to finance such as my travel experiences, new gadgets I bought and other things but it is very rare because I’d like to stick covering finance and money.

Learn Financial Education Blog is my first blog that I created. I started publishing my first article in April 2010. This blog serves also as my personal blog that’s why sometimes I write topics about the happenings in my life and family.

Anyway, you can see below some of the topics covered in this blog. I hope you learn something from these topics that I wrote few months or years ago.

1. Saving Money

Money is very important. I do believe with that thinking. I don’t believe money is evil. Actually, it is a misconception that money is evil. The bible tells us that the “love of money” is the root of all evil, not money itself.

Money is in neutral position. You can use it to do good or bad things depending on your motives. In this section, I would like to make articles about how to save more money and use it effectively.

2. Philippine Stocks

I started investing in Philippine stocks since January 2010. Before that time, I don’t have any idea how stocks works, though I have company stocks given to me when I was in my first company.

In this blog, you will learn the basic of stock investing, the advantages and disadvantages of putting your money in company stocks and how to grow your money in stocks.

3. Philippine Banks

There are many articles in this blog about banking, savings account, checking account and credit cards of major Philippine banks. I have published here tips and tutorials on how to apply for savings account, how to apply for a credit card, benefits and disadvantages of having a credit card, and a lot more about banking.

Other articles included in this section are time deposits, UITF, how to apply for bank loans and banking news and current events. I’m writing topics about major banks in the Philippines like BDO, BPI, MetroBank, RCBC, PSBank, Land Bank, Security Bank, China Bank, and many more.

4. Mutual Funds

Investing in mutual funds is one of the topics I’d like to write because it is easy to understand and explain. You know, I’m not a finance nerd type of person. I don’t know all financial terms and stuffs.

When it comes to mutual funds, you don’t need to know complicated things and terms. Unlike studying how stock works, mutual funds is easier to learn and be understood.

In this blog, I covered most of the topics you might want to know like what is mutual funds, how it works, how to invest, what are the pros and cons of MF, best mutual fund companies to invest in, and many other topics.

5. OFW

I’m an OFW for more than 5 years now as of this writing. This blog covers topics about the welfare and personal development of OFW including money-related topics, personal finance tips, investing and business opportunities and current events happening around the world.

This section of this blog is my way to help my fellow OFW in the small way I can. Normally, I write topics based on my experience and things I know that will give value to my OFW readers.

6. Personal Finance

In this section of this blog, I write topics about personal finance in my own point of view. I do write articles that I heard from my friends and colleagues which I think valuable and worthy to be spread out so that many people will know.

I’m not a financial guru and I don’t have any degree in finance. All of my writings are based on my experience and the things that works best for me. So, sometimes, my articles may not be suitable for your current condition because we are in different status.

7. Bible & Money

I don’t want to separate my blogging “career” and what bible teaches about personal finance and money. I believe there’s a great wealth you can find in the bible when you faithfully follow its teachings.

Occasionally, I write topics related to money and bible verses. I have limited thinking and knowledge about finance so I want you to refer to the most powerful book ever written.

8. Blogging

Obviously, I publishes in this blog about blogging. I also created a free eBook about how to start a blog and then make money from it. If you want to download the free eBook, you could do so by signing up at the left hand side of this blog.

I don’t regret I started blogging, though, I’m not really a good writer. I hate English when I’m studying since elementary. I have a poor communication when using English.

However, it doesn’t stop me to start my own blog because I see the great potential of blogging. There are many lessons and tips that I write in this site about how to build your own blog, how blog works, how to drive traffics to your blog, different strategies on blogging and monetizing your own blog.

9. Business

I am dreaming to be an influential businessman someday. An entrepreneur that can change lives from inside out. In this section of my blog, I tackle business-related topics such as how to start your own business, latest business trends, the tools and knowledge you need to start a business and many more.

Right now, I do have my own business, its an online business. I have several websites that I intend to monetize and make profit. Most of these websites are content websites, or those sites that offering free information about a particular topic.

In the near future, I do have a plan to start a traditional business like a food cart or creating a useful product for the society that makes me excited. I wish you get valuable information here so that your time will not be wasted.

10. Financial Education

This topic is what this blog all about so I’m writing articles about how to learn financial stuffs, terms, tips and more. Although, I’m not a professional guru, I have hands-on experience on the topics I’m writing.

I write on things I’m familiar and deep knowledge. As much as possible, I researched intensely about the topic so I can give the latest and true information to my readers and visitors.

Core Principles of Learn Financial Education

If you have money in your wallet, then you must learn how to properly spend or save it. All adult people should learn this financial education.

It is very important to have good understanding how money and finances come in and come out of your wallet. Why people become poor and rich? Why do you need to prepare for the future of your family?

The following principles coming from the “The Richest Man in Babylon” are the advocacy of this blog. I’ll be discussing more on this topic in the near future.

1. Start saving

Saving is the basic of personal finance. As a kid, many of us are thought to save coins on piggy banks or cans. My goal here is to encourage you save money and start it as early as possible.

2. Control expenses

All of us have expenses. Every day we incur expenses on utilities, food, gas and many other things. We cannot avoid expenses but we can control its damage to our money and finances. Its the reason some of my posts here are about money saving tips, being frugal, how to be wise when buying groceries, and finding the right gadget or item to buy.

3. Multiply your wealth

How to multiply your wealth? It is by investing or doing business. Investing is not only for the rich guys, even you and me can start investing in various opportunities like mutual funds, UITF, Stocks and more.

4. Protect your wealth or investments from loss

You should invest and put your money in real and legitimate investments, not in scams or get-rich-quick schemes. Understand always what you invest and where you put your money.

5. Make your home a profitable investment

A home of your own is a good investment. However, it may not be a profitable one if you are losing big amount of money for its maintenance. It is better for your home to increase its value over time or earn some income to make it a profitable investment.

6. Insure a future income

Having a job is good but it may not give you a future income since many companies are closing and laying off employees. It is a good idea to make a side income so it can be your source of income in the future. This income may come from your own business, investments, online ventures and other ways that can generate income.

7. Increase your ability to earn

How to increase your ability to earn? There are many ways to do this. It can be learning new skills like blogging or computer programming, getting your master’s degree, networking to other people and a lot more.

Your ability to earn also depends on your health so it is important to be healthy and be conscious on what you eat. It is always true that health is wealth.

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