Introduction to BPI Express Cash Card

by Gily Tenorio on November 4, 2011

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BPI Express Cash (EC) is one of the great products that BPI bank offers to its customers. It is a prepaid card that works like an ATM card but it is not a savings or checking account card. It is better to have first a BPI savings account and then apply for it. It has an application fee of P100 per card. The name in the card can be your name, your spouse or children, or depending on whose person will you give the card.

Personally, I use BPI EC as a money remittance card. When I want to give money to my parents, parents-in-law and siblings, I will just transfer money from my BPI account to their BPI EC card. After successful transfer of money, they can withdraw immediately the fund that was credited to their card.

Some Important Benefits of BPI Express Cash

One of the great benefits of Express Cash is that you can can use it for sending or giving money to your family without paying any fees. For example, you’re living in Manila where your work is located but your parents are living in Davao City and you want to send money to them. You don’t need to go to Western Union to send money to them, you can do it by giving them BPI EC card and if you want to give them cash, you will just transfer funds from your BPI account to their EC card through Internet banking or ATM transaction.

In addition, you can also use it to pay for anything you buy in more than 45,000 MasterCard affiliated establishments. It has no maintaining balance since it is not a bank account but you can receive money through it like an allowance or monthly salary. You can withdraw your funds from any BPI ATM nationwide without charge. Express Cash can only be used in the Philippines, it is not like a credit card which you can use anywhere in the world.

In case you lost or the card was stolen, you can easily report it by calling BPI hotline at 89-100. It has also PIN for ATM transactions and you need to give your signature for any purchases so it is also secured.

Nice Features of BPI Express Cash

When you apply for EC, you can personalized the card with the name of the cardholder. For example, if you will give it to your wife, kids or parents, you can apply for that card but the name can be your wife or any person you would like. The card is available in three colors: blue, red and yellow. It is reloadable, renewable and its validity is two years. You can use it as many times as you want as long as it is valid.

You can use it like a credit card when buying stuffs in all MasterCard affiliated establishments provided it has enough balance and within the Philippines. You can also withdraw cash from it through any BPI ATM around the country. By the way, the maximum amount that you can transfer from your BPI account to your one EC card is only P10,000 per transaction.

How to Apply for Express Cash Card

There are different ways on how to apply for this type of card: through BPI Express Online or through BPI/BPI Family bank branches across the country or via Take note that you need a BPI online banking before you could apply online, otherwise you may visit any BPI branch to start the application.

Here are the steps when applying for a card through BPI Express Online. If you don’t have yet a BPI express online, you can enroll by visiting this link:

1. Fill out completely the BPI Express Cash online purchase agreement form which you can get online.
2. Select the branch or Express Banking Center where you want to claim your EC Card.
3. Print out the terms and conditions and the completed online purchase agreement form.
4. Bring one (1) valid ID and the printed forms.
5. Remember your PIN and activate the card in any BPI ATM so you can start using it.

By the way, you can enroll for BPI online banking any where you are as long as you have a BPI account and Internet connection. After that you could apply for EC card. However, if you are near a BPI branch and it is more comfortable for you to apply in the bank, you can follow the below procedures.

1. Visit your nearest BPI/BPI Family bank branch or any BPI Express banking center.
2. Bring one (1) valid ID for identification purposes.
3. Fill out a BPI EC purchase agreement form and then submit it to the bank employee in-charge of application.

How to Renew or Replace Your EC Card

In case you lost your card or if it was stolen, you must take necessary action to replace it with a new one. For lost or stolen cards, you must report it to BPI by calling 89-100 immediately after you notice it was lost. You may claim reimbursement for unused value after 3 months through issuance of manager’s check or issuance of a new card.

For replacement of expired cards and damaged cards, you can renew or replace it by calling 89-100 or by visiting the branch where you applied for the card. Please take note that a fee of P100 will be charged every month after the 121st day of card’s expiry. You can claim your replacement card five days from BPI’s receipt of request.


Source & Photo Credit: BPI

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