Biking Taught Me these Five Things

by Gily Tenorio on May 27, 2016

in Personal Development


I have started biking going to work since last January 2015. Our apartment is very close to my office, in fact, I can see it right from our house. It only takes less than 10 minutes from our apartment to the Samsung shipyard where I work.

That routine lasted more than one year before our company decided to transfer us farther away from the shipyard. Now, it will take 25 to 30 minutes in a normal speed to reach my office but still I ride my bike to go to work. I am loving it. It is also my way to exercise daily. It is like hitting two birds in one stone. Though, using the company bus will be more convenient, I have decided to choose to ride the bike because of the above reason.


Along the way, I have learned several things about biking and life. I want to share it below.

First, the road is not always smooth and flat. Here in our city, Geoje, South Korea, the place is surrounded by mountains and the sea on the other side. This city is actually an island, and compose of several islands inhabited by some people.

There are many areas that you need to go up because the place is not always flat. You have to push the pedal harder as you go to the place going up. It is hard of course but you have to push harder so you can reach the top and switch the gears.

Initially, it is hard but as you pedal more going to the top, it will be easier and easier. This is because of gravity, anything you throw up must come down. In this case, gravity pulling you and bike to the lower ground. Some people and events may pull you down but don’t stop to reach the top. Perhaps, you may be required to switch gears like changing your attitude, job or even friends so that you will reach success in the end.

Second, if you always stay playing it safe, it will not be that fun and exciting. If I choose to ride the company bus, I may not see the wild ducks playing along the streams when I cross the small creek last time I passed by. If I’m in the bus, perhaps, I’m looking at my Facebook or listening to music. It is not bad at all.

However, other things are more fun than that which I cannot do or see when I’m in the bus. In life, it is also same. Sometimes, we need to be out there so we can enjoy more of our life. It is said that risk has some good benefits like in investing: higher risk, higher gains. Of course, you should know how to handle risk or you may fall into scams.


Thirdly, danger is all around but you should wear safety gear and a sound mind. Some people are adrenaline hyper so they go to the road to catch up with four-wheeled vehicles. They want to be fast, but did not think that it will cost their life.

Safety is very important so it should start first with your mind and the rest will follow. You will wear your helmet and then you will put some lights and reflectors in your bike so that you will be visible during the night. Importantly, you will use the bike lane as always as possible.

In life, safety is also important, that’s why there is life insurance just in case of untimely death. However, safety in job may not exist anymore because you don’t know how long will you keep your job. There’s no guarantee for that.

Therefore, you should wear helmet of more knowledge, don’t stop learning even little things or skills that you ignore in the past. You must put some lights in your resume that will make employers notice you when applying for jobs.

Fourth, sometimes you need to slow down. When I bike, I use the bike lane, not the main road because it is dangerous out there. If I go to bike lane, there are many bikers also going there which will make you slow down sometimes because you need to give way to others.

In other times, I want to rest for a while. Maybe it’s around 2.5 kilometers from my apartment to my office in Samsung shipyard. It is not near this time so I take some rest along the way. Also, if the traffic light is red. I always stop because other bikers still continue even if it’s red light.


In life, sometimes you also need to slow down. This is also applicable when you are working, that’s why you have leaves and holiday, right? It is good from time to time to take rest and recharge. Our body and minds need it.

Finally, when you reach your destination, it gives you a feeling of accomplishment and enjoyment. We do things even if it is hard. We work because we also find satisfaction in that, aside from the money that we get.

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